Internal Audit: The Importance of Improving Processes

Understand how TATICCA can help your business improve your internal audit procedures

internal audit the importance of improving processes

A internal audit it is one of the most fundamental procedures for the growth of a business and the adoption of a sustainable strategy in the long term. Responsible for pointing out flaws and procedures that must be corrected or improved, the internal audit must always be in the planning of managers and entrepreneurs.

Even understanding this importance, it is common for errors to occur in the internal audit planning. This can happen due to lack of experience, planning or knowledge of the necessary methodology. There are so many points to be analyzed correctly that it is not difficult to get lost in processes and not end up bringing results to the business.

Considering this, how can a company develop a effective internal audit that brings results?

Internal audit consulting: a safe strategy

For entrepreneurs and managers who want start an internal audit process in their companies or sectors, hiring an external consultancy is the best solution if we take into account factors such as effectiveness, experience and methodology.

hiring the internal audit consulting, the company protects itself against common mistakes that happen due to lack of familiarity with the necessary processes. On the other hand, the biggest benefit is the fact of ensuring a standard that will in fact point out elements to be improved.

Comprised of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the auditing segment, TATICCA Auditores e Consultores offers the following internal audit variations:

  • Co-sourcing or outsourcing
  • Internal audit planning
  • Review of the internal audit structure
  • Structuring the Internal Audit Function
  • Audit of processes with a focus on risks and controls
  • Audit focused on financial integrity – accounting, reporting and controls
  • Technical and operational audit

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With the help of TATICCA consultants, the company's internal audit will be developed using its own methodology and with the aim of generating the expected results.

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