Analysis of Financial Statements: The Importance for Companies

In addition to reinforcing the veracity of the numbers presented, the analysis of the financial statements allows for better planning for the future

analysis of accounting statements

Financial statements are of paramount importance for any organization. It is through them that different parties become aware of the current situation of a company, verifying that the resources invested are being properly applied around the objective of bringing profit to the business.

Within the financial statements, various information is raised. It is essential that data such as balance sheet, income statement for the forecast period, availability and explanation of figures referring to profit or loss, cash flow, statement of value triggered and explanatory notes with appropriate descriptions of accounting practices are present.

The financial statements must follow the standards expected by the market. It is essential that rules and laws are followed correctly for the document to be valid. According to Law 6.404/76, in article 176, for example, it is determined that the statements must indicate the values ​​of the previous year for the purpose of comparing the results presented.

Why carry out the analysis of financial statements?

A analysis of financial statements, which can also be placed as a review of financial statements, guarantees a series of benefits to the contracting company and to the document itself. First, it certifies the veracity and accuracy of the data presented. By using an external audit, it is avoided that the numbers can reach the final report in a misleading way or simply with errors. The review provides reliable and true numbers.

In this way, the review of the financial statements will also solidify the document; which will become relevant in business decision-making. Knowing that they have real data, the company's leaders can better plan the goals and strategies for the near future. The fact itself becomes a security for the company and its business model.

How to analyze the financial statements?

Companies of different sizes can count on TATICCA Auditores e Consultores, which has long and known effectiveness in areas such as external audit, consulting, advisory and taxes. Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the segment, relying on methodology and availability of certification.

For review of financial statements, TATICCA Auditores e Consultores develops its work in accordance with NBC TR 2400. The main objective of this standard is to guide the independent auditor during the review of the figures presented. Following the standard, the auditor guarantees that the document will be relevant to the company, also bringing important considerations about the business.

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