Looking For An Audit Firm?

TATICCA Auditores e Consultores can help your business with accounting, financial audits and other services

Are you looking for a audit company? TATICCA Auditores e Consultores can help your business through different services, always relying on an experienced and specialized team. Discover the service options available. For more details, see our external audit page.

  • Audit of accounting/financial statements
  • Review of accounting/financial statements
  • Review of interim information
  • Pre-agreed procedures
  • Assurance Work Other than Audit and Review
  • Assurance Report Related to Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Appraisal Reports
  • Accounting and financial due diligence
  • Advisory and Consulting on IFRS, CPC, IPSAS and USGAAP
  • Assistance in the Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Accounting and Financial Consulting Services
  • Analysis of accounting policies and internal control systems
  • Services for entities in regulated sectors
  • Foundations, Associations, NGOs
  • Business Combinations, Spin-off, Merger and Incorporation
  • Accounting Reports, Expertise and Investigations
  • Corporate Transactions
  • Internal audit

Important Details Before Hiring an Auditing Firm

Before Hiring an Auditing Firm, entrepreneurs, managers and directors must be attentive to details that cannot be ignored. It is essential that the auditing company offers the certificate that proves the completion of the process. The document will serve as proof for investors and partners.

It is also essential to have a team recognized for its competence and market reference. In this way, the effectiveness of the processes is guaranteed. The audit must be able to produce reports with clear and easy to understand data.

Another factor is shopping with an auditing firm that provide recommendations and guidelines to contractors. The independent auditor must point out sustainable directions for the client, showing where he can optimize the accounting and financial processes.

In all cases, TATICCA Auditores e Consultores is ready to meet your business needs. Contact us by email taticca@taticca.com.br or by phone (11) 3062-3000 and learn more.