The Importance of Positions, Salaries, Career and Remuneration Plan

It is a fact that in current times, unfortunately, there are still professionals who do not have the dimension of the career possibilities that exist in their organizations and, for there to be such a science, growth opportunities must first exist. In this way, one of the very valid tools related to People Management, for collaborating with the attraction and retention of talents, is the job, salary, career and remuneration plan, since its implementation favors both the company and the the worker.

The implementation and management of the job and salary plan must be very cautious, as failure to comply with it, as well as the lack of knowledge and information on the part of employees, can lead to problems of dissatisfaction, demotivation and high turnover rates.
It is important to believe that professionals, when they join the company, have the objective of growing and knowing the possibilities in that environment, that is, knowing what to do and how to do it to achieve their goals, in other words, they should receive guidance and feedback on the skills they need to develop. Thinking that people are not static, but that they can, for example, move from one position to another, means having a positive idea about them and translates the vision of interesting and attractive companies.
Although each company has its own rhythm and peculiarities, when it comes to the theme "positions, salaries, career and remuneration" that involves People Management, it is known that one of the most arduous tasks is always the effective practice of programs and policies , either due to lack of rigor in their execution, understanding, or due to the lack of preparation of managers and the absence of correct dissemination and implementation in the corporate environment. Finally, it is understood that, in the midst of a scenario of competition between companies, it is essential to think about promising solutions for the business, however it is expected that these, in some way, favor all those who make up the organization.

There are two major provocations for organizations: the first refers to attracting professionals - because for them to feel attracted to the company, it is necessary to demonstrate its advantages. The second factor would be the retention of personnel - since after knowing the organization and assimilating its culture or organizational structure, in order for them to remain, it is necessary to identify the strengths, the opportunities for improvement and the possibilities for professional growth in several dimensions. .
Thus, it appears that both parties seek ways out to survive the competition, the professional, on the one hand, with improvement and the search for ever greater and better positions and the company, on the other hand, investing in tools, studies and strategies to stop competitors. Among the alternatives found by companies in order to obtain a competitive advantage, the investment in the Management of Positions and Salaries, Career and Remuneration has been presented as an interesting aspect, as it collaborates precisely with the attraction and retention of people, mainly due to the problem of turnover, experienced by many companies, which worries them because of the assets, intangible and tangible, that go with the loss of professionals, given that an investment had already been made in them, in time spent with training and others.
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