What is Independent Auditing: Concept and Application

Indicated to evaluate and investigate a company's balance sheets, the independent audit is a way to improve corporate governance and provide security to investors.

what is independent audit

When it comes to gathering and organizing information about a company, few things are as effective as an independent audit. By definition, the independent auditing is the process of analyzing and validating the financial and equity information of a business by an impartial and external company. The process consists of hiring a respected and market-based external audit, which will apply its methodology to analyze and give an opinion on the current situation of its client.

When hiring an independent audit, the contracting company must keep in mind that the analysis will be transparent and based on the current reality of the business. The independent auditor will build a report expressing your opinion on the numbers of the audited financial statement.

The independent auditor will need access to the company's balance sheet numbers and other information, such as equity and taxes being paid. The main advantage of having an independent audit is being able to count on an impartial report and clear guidelines on what should be corrected or improved.

Being able to rely on honest guidelines is of high value to the corporate governance, as managers will be able to see errors that they might have been ignoring, already knowing their impact on the competitiveness of the business in the market. The document will be able to guide leadership professionals in the coordination of their teams so that everything is followed and the beneficial results for the company arrive as soon as possible.

Still on the advantages of having an independent audit, receiving certification from an audit is something extremely well regarded in the market by shareholders and investors. This is because there will be information with High credibility for the respective conferences. From the shareholder's point of view, the investment will convey more secure information, making the application of capital clearer and more reliable.

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How to hire an independent auditor?

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