A process audit The main benefit is to increase the performance of a company. In this way, the audit seeks to identify points of non-conformity between what is established in its internal policies and what happens in practice, in order to then suggest opportunities for improvement. Therefore, the process audit it is already seen as a business practice, including in cases of suspicion about irregularities in the organization's functioning.

A process audit does not focus its attention on the areas of the organization, but on the activities they perform. With this, it helps organizations to verify gaps that need to be filled and point out correction needs to improve business productivity and performance. It is an advisory activity and not purely of supervision.

Evaluating the work of management, which is responsible for continuous improvement, is one of the main functions of the process audit, whose verifications permeate topics such as factors that negatively affect the success of a process, if the objectives related to the process have been established and if they are being achieved, if there is harmony between the process and the business strategy, if the resources that the process needs to your objectives are available, whether efficiency is being monitored, and so on. By checking these and other aspects, the process audit is able to point out possible vulnerabilities that can bring harm to the organization.

A process audit brings performance and security to the business, playing a role of evaluator, both of the processes described versus processes performed, as well as those involved in these processes, whether they have sufficient knowledge to execute them and whether the technologies used meet the needs of the organization. This dynamism that exists and is necessary to sustain companies in the current economy, makes not only an opinion on the financial statements important, but also a report on identifying problems and suggesting operational improvements.

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