Traditionally, the role of the accounting has been associated with the image of the professional who makes accounts and keeps books with the financial information of companies. But the technological revolution. among other factors, is changing the accounting today, positioning professionals in the area as true strategic consultants.


Therefore, it is important to visualize the present and future panorama of the world of accounting. The Practice of Now 2019 global report, developed by Sage, says that 90% of accountants believe there is a cultural shift in accounting, which consists of moving from a transactional profession to another focused on consulting. This change is motivated by reasons such as market and customer demands, regulation, digitalization, management changes, investments, among others.


The report also says that 35% of accountants consider the use of technology in the accounting and invest in it as quickly as possible to diversify their offer. While most are implementing basic tools needed to keep up with work or meet customer expectations, the landscape began to change in 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to keep up with accelerated digitization in companies.


The professionals of accounting also believe they need new skills that will shape the future of accounting in the coming years such as technological literacy, building social relationships, business advice, project management and industry experience outside of accounting. consider recruiting in a nontraditional environment.


As the main challenges for the future of accounting, accountants cite recruitment and training. Faced with the latter, 62% of them accept that today's training will not be enough to successfully carry out a practice until 2030. The report says that, considering that 82% of professionals in the accounting consider recruiting in a nontraditional environment, by 2030 accounting practices will develop differently from how they are managed at accounting today.


A accounting has not stopped evolving since its inception. However, changes are happening faster. In order to be successful, it is necessary to enter as quickly as possible in the dynamics of digitalization, using technological tools that will make the work of the accountant a reliable and safe activity.


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