Technological innovation is leading the way in many areas of business, including how accounting is done today. Accountants need to keep up with advances in technology to respond to market conditions and customer needs. Digital resources and online tools improve productivity and organization. Manual accounting has all but disappeared and been replaced by online accounting. Online accounting not only reduces errors, but provides more accurate data, among other advantages.


One of them is the virtual storage of data, which makes the process cheaper, reducing paper records and physical space, since the Document scanning is gradually replacing physical storage. Online accounting also eliminates bureaucracy, using simple and intuitive platforms that provide direct channels to customers, as well as information and documents that can be digitized. Dedicated platforms make communication easier and instantaneous, which for many customers translates into time savings and greater efficiency. This flexibility also saves time as the platforms provide online management tools that help in completing tasks and achieving goals.


Online accounting also has virtual calendars, including alerts that contribute to meeting deadlines. They are tools easily accessible by mobile devices and whose updates are instantly shared with the team involved.


Some digital platforms offer specific tools for accountants, regularly providing updates on changes in legislation. That's why it has become so important that accountants are aware of the latest technological advances in the area and use them to boost their clients' businesses. Using additional tools such as automation and reporting, you are sure to see an increase in productivity, work efficiency and customer satisfaction.


A trained professional will avoid mistakes and save time for the business. Training must also go beyond technology to include legal compliance and changes in legislation. Only through regular training will accountants and other professionals be able to meet and meet expectations.


Accounting training helps professionals a lot involved with the accounting routine, as it addresses the impacts of changes in legislation and practices, compares with the previous ones and suggests procedures for the implementation of novelties in their routines. In addition to consolidated professional experience, the TATICCA team is made up of masters in different areas of our work, who also work as professors at universities, internal courses at TATICCA and taccounting reign, as well as actively participating in work groups and committees in accounting and auditing bodies and are speakers at seminars and forums.

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