Regardless of the size of the company you run, it's important to remember that learning is an ongoing experience. This applies to both the top management of the company and the employees. Training should also be part of the day-to-day business activities of the company, because employees who are motivated and interested in seeing the success of the business often adopt new ideas that they find along the way and can sometimes suggest improvements they bring. benefits to the company's results.


However, extra staff training, provided it is chosen carefully, also helps to achieve greater efficiency and improve individual, collective and company results. As such, it is recommended that the company has a training plan in place to ensure that the right training is delivered to the right employees at the right time. Obviously, not all employees need training on similar topics. The sales team may need very different training than the production team, who in turn do not need to understand in depth how the accounts department works, for example.


Although it may seem like a time-consuming exercise, defining a company training plan is essential. Being done for the first time, it will only need adjustments later, as the market or technology evolves.


You need to define which groups of employees need training, at what stage of employment they need it, and how the training should be implemented at that particular point. Once you have this basic information, you create the right kind of program that fits your company's needs and goals. This may involve external seminars, training in company with the visit of a qualified instructor on site or, as is more often the case today, due to the current pandemic moment, training online. There are a variety of courses and training tools on line available, covering a variety of topics. Many of them can be purchased from "universities" online and are taught by experts in their specific field.


The training plan may also contain programs and tools created or customized especially for the company, known as training in company. The training in company it can be tailored in a specific way to achieve your training plan objectives, such as business growth, for example.


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