IFRS is the acronym for International Financial Reporting Standards, that is, international financial reporting standards. It is a set of accounting rules and standards that determine how accounting events should be reported in your company's financial statements. Issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), IFRS aims to make financial statements consistent, standardized and transparent worldwide. IFRS standards provide a set of high quality, internationally recognized accounting standards that bring transparency, accountability and efficiency to financial markets around the world.

The improvement of international comparability and the quality of financial information, which allow investors to make the right decisions, make it necessary for professionals in the area to IFRS training. For IFRS standards strengthen accountability by reducing the information gap between providers of capital and the people they have entrusted their money to.

IFRS standards are also of vital importance to regulators around the world, making their standards contribute to economic efficiency, helping to identify opportunities and risks, thus improving capital allocation. For companies, using a single, trusted language lowers the cost of capital and reduces the cost of cross-border reporting. For professionals in the field, a IFRS training, to obtain in-depth knowledge, improves service and productivity within the audit work.

Um IFRS training provides several benefits to organizations and professionals working in the area. Some of the main ones are: 1) increased accountability of the organization, reducing information gaps between the capital provider and people, that is, reinforced trust between the parties. 2) improvement in financial information, bringing transparency to business and 3) improvement in international comparability and quality of financial information.

O IFRS training trains professionals, facilitating the understanding of the rules, as it addresses aspects related to insurance contracts, business combinations, financial instruments, operating segments, consolidated financial statements, measurement of values, retirement plans, among others.

In addition to consolidated professional experience, our team has masters in different areas of our work, who also work as professors in universities, internal courses at TATICCA and Training of IFRS, as well as actively participating in working groups and committees in accounting and auditing bodies and are speakers at seminars and forums.

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