ALLINIAL GLOBAL celebrated 50 years in 2019, with a presence in more than 80 countries and here in Brazil since 2014, TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL has about 150 professionals distributed in 7 offices that serve all Brazilian regions. The most strategic aspect of this dispersed and multidisciplinary structure is to ensure that, in addition to the training and specialization inherent to all TATICCA professionals, regional collaborators have extensive knowledge of the cultures and economic vocations of each region.


The TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL team is qualified and experienced, made up of masters trained in Brazil and abroad, with professional experience in the most different branches of business, working in global companies and specialized in complex transactions. They are talents that are proud to actively participate in the construction of a TATICCA - ALLINIAL GLOBAL that is a true partner for its professionals and clients in the provision of multidisciplinary and integrated services in auditing, taxes, accounting, business consulting, risk consulting, corporate finance, training and related services.


TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL is present daily on the main social networks, offering insights relevant to the business, informing about market and legislation updates and publicizing its participation in academic and business events, whose knowledge of its multidisciplinary team is shared. Some memories of these contributions:

  • In 2018 the partnersthose from TATICCA - ALLINIAL GLOBAL, Aderbal Hoppe and Leopold Koenig, had the honor of participating as speakers in the important accounting-tax technical event at the AESBE headquarters in Brasília, with the participation of 20 companies and more than 40 accounting and tax leaders.
  • We also registered participation in the 34th edition of ENCONSEL - Meeting of Accountants of the Electric Sector, promoted by ABRACONEE - Association of Accountants of the Electric Sector. The event brought together 400 accounting professionals from different areas of the companies, who participated in a debatetes on tax issues and asset control, awards given to accountants and companies for a high level of preparation of financial statements.
  • In 2019 our partner, Renato Mateus Gonçalves, participated in public hearing No. 003/2019, with comments on the draft proposal for the calculation of indemnity values ​​related to non-depreciated or amortized investments, made available by ANTT.
  • In 2019, Renato Mateus Gonçalves also gave the lecture “Consultancy in the Preparation of Industry 4.0”, at the XVIII EPEAD at the Paraná Meeting of Administration Students, organized by EJIM – Empresa Júnior Ilha do Mel, composed by the academics of Administration and Accounting Sciences from the University of São Paulo. Paraná State – UNESPAR Campus Paranaguá.
  • TAlso in 2019 we participated in the II Energy Law Congress, organized by the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, with the theme "The interaction between the Academy and the Market". The event featured lectures by partner Ricardo Massera, alongside Felipe Henrique Braz and Conrado Gama Monteiro, lawyers at BGM Law, in addition to big names in the Electricity Sector.such as Solange David (Vice-President of the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber - CCEE), Franklin Miguel (President of Copel Energia), Helvio Neves Guerra (Secretary of Energy Planning at the Ministry of Mines and Energy MME), among others.
  • We recorded another participation in 2019, in the XXXV ENCONSEL, held by ABRACONEE, in Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná, which addressed issues of interest to professionals working in the areas of accounting, finance, controllership, regulation, risks and internal controls, imposingthe, patrimonial control and others. The 2019 edition had more than 500 participants and expert speakers from the sector and regulatory bodies. Partner Aderbal Hoppe, together with electric energy trading specialist Ricardo Cunha, spoke on the topic of Risks and Internal Controls in Electric Energy Commercialization.
  • Partner Aderbal Hoppe and guest professor Leopold Koenig were also present at the “Advanced Course on the Public Digital Tax Bookkeeping System – SPED and its applications in the Electric Sector”, held by FIPECAFI in 2019, teaching topics in the Accounting and Tax areas.


TATICCA executives were also present on radio and television, as in the program EMPRESÁRIOS DE SUCESSO, on RECORD NEWS, which registered twice (2019 and 2020) the participation of partner Aderbal Hoppe in the EMPRESARIOS DE SUCESSO NEWSLETTER, shown on national and international networks. Recently, partner Luis Carlos de Souza also participated in an interview with CBN 95.9FM radio, when he commented on the planning to face the COVID-19 crisis and the importance of business advice in the face of the current economic scenario.


The year 2020 brought the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and TATICCA, concerned with people's health and well-being, it also adopted preventive measures. In addition to following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, restrictions on travel and remote work were implemented, using the culture and tools to home office, whose practice was already part of the work routine.


Despite the atypical year, TATICCA remained firm in its purpose of serving its customers and keeping the country's economy active. Multi-located professionals, working in home office, have technology for remote work and are able to meet all projects and also contribute with relevant information to the challenges of the moment. like the WEBINAR held by partners Celso Hinkeldey and Daniel Reche, to present the Strategic Resilience Plan, a way to minimize the side effects caused by the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The same professionals also presented Pipefy in another WEBINAR, as a process optimization tool that is characterized by its ease of use and the generation of easy solutions to common problems that companies face.


TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL's mission is to provide services that add value and promote sustainable development in its clients' businesses and part of its vision is to seek recognition in quality and effectiveness. Therefore, it is also concerned with providing infrastructure and information with ethics, responsibility and seriousness. In 2019, it invested in a new structure at the headquarters in São Paulo, which was carefully prepared to offer improvements to work support and provide greater comfort in customer service.


It recently launched a new website, with a new look, new services, expansion of content, an exclusive area for customers to exchange data and information with work teams, eliminating problems with sending files, among others. Always looking for new technological resources, to offer relevant content and facilitate the daily lives of its customers.


As of this year, it also started to offer monthly TATICCA NEWS, a newsletter with the main highlights of technical accounting, taxes and other skills. The subscription is free and sharing information seeks to offer insights and connect more and more with your audience, solving doubts, providing relevant content and rescuing the remarkable moments of the month.


TATICCA relies on the experience of the international structure of ALLINIAL GLOBAL and annually participates in conferences and editions of the global forum, with the presence of participants representing the member firms in different countries, interacting inimportant lectures and discussions on current events and views of challenges and opportunities: auditing, accounting, technology, information security, human resources, marketing, management and various related subjects. The agenda of excellent technical topics in all areas of activity, international connections and exchanges of experiences, which strengthen its performance for the benefit of employees and customers, always in line with the most modern global resources, is already a registered trademark.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the participation of TATICCA – GLOBAL ALLINIAL in carrying out Doing Business in Brazil, available in addition to Brazil, in all other 189 countries, comprising a way to promote Brazil in all these countries. This study is used to present Brazil in the numerous international connectionsevents that occur daily and is made available free of charge so that it can be useful to any person and company seeking relevant information in making investment decisions in Brazil.


With this review of recent years, TATICCA – ALLINAL GLOBAL reaffirms its commitment to providing services with ethics, responsibility and seriousness. Working in partnership through the construction and maintenance of high-level relationships reflects the ability to be together at all times and the tactical and strategic support needs of people and companies that seek to grow in a sustainable way.


When thinking about the TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL team, you can be sure that the best solution will always be sought, presented and implemented with quality, agility and punctuality.