Every accountant understands the accounting as the language of business. And that language has gone through many changes over the ages, but through all the changes, the technology of accounting always played a facilitating role for the accountant. As knowledge of technology increased, so did the accountant's ability to analyze statistical values. That is, advances in technology have increased the accountant's ability to interpret data efficiently and effectively, as with help to operate basic functions he has now become an organization's most trusted business advisor.


The professionals of accounting today's people who understand the importance of technology, use it to execute the main business processes in the company. Today, information is made available to the accountant and his clients with a click of the mouse. This changed the nature of an accountant's job. More doors were opening with the use of technology, diversifying opportunities and developing new specialized areas.


Technology also arrives not only as a trend, but as a reality and a differential in the new market scenario, forcing professionals to change their habits and adapt to technological resources, using them as differentials in their professional performance. A great example is cloud computing, already offered by many accounting, with data permanently stored in huge data centers shared by many other users.


With so many changes, professionals in the accounting were encouraged to acquire new skills due to advances that information technology has made in the accounting industry. Accountants now need to have technical skills and a great deal of knowledge of technology. That is, the accountant not only needs to have a broad range of accounting knowledge and a strong ability to apply accounting principles, government regulations, and interpret tax laws, but they must also have strong technology skills to be able to merge accounting with systems. of information.


It is a fact that the sector accounting is already speaking a new business language, which will be the language of future generations of business professionals. accounting. The evolution of accounting technology has been tremendous, with strong growth potential for the future. Advances have taken the industry to many new levels of opportunity and by comparing and contrasting the changes that have occurred with the use of technology in accounting over time, it is clear that with technological advances, companies offer greater credibility and speed in serving their customers.


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