Whatever the size of your company, employee learning is an ongoing experience, applicable to both senior management and grassroots employees, whether through training in company or other option available to meet the organization's needs. Currently, training is part of day-to-day activities and employees motivated to achieve success usually adopt new ideas over time, or suggest improvements that can benefit the company's results. Extra team training, carefully chosen, also helps in achieving better individual and collective results.


It is a movement that we see happening at the current moment, when the COVID-19 pandemic requires distancing and brings radical changes to the job market. Although many families are adapting to this model, especially with children at home, several community activities are paused and the employees who do home office they earn the time they used to commute to work, which can, for example, be devoted to professional development. With this free time, you can dedicate yourself to training, allowing you to improve professional and personal skills.


The course market Online is growing and even before the pandemic, several companies had already adopted training and qualification plans for their employees. With the arrival of the global concern about COVID-19, the flexibility of time and the possibility of distance learning has made the demand for courses Online grow even more, including many free options. At a time when many people are adapting to this new situation, gaining self-discipline and better time management, including individual training in your routine, can be a good option. The ideal is to create an agenda with pre-established schedules, with activities that include work, leisure with the family and study.


Keeping up to date in your work area opens up great opportunities for the professional and it is possible to take something positive from this period of tension and turn it into an opportunity for development. Investing time in learning will certainly pay off in the future, when the training carried out can be a differential for the careers of employees and the companies in which they are allocated.


Companies can also stand out in the market by having a defined training plan for their employees. Not only for situations like the current one, it is essential to define a training plan in your company. Although it sounds complicated, the plan is only done once, then only adjustments are necessary as the market or technology evolves.


While deciding how the training should be implemented, a program can be created that fits the company's needs and objectives, including contingency measures in case of situations such as the current pandemic, involving routine changes in collaborators. There are a variety of courses and training tools Online available on the market, covering practically all professional areas. Many can be acquired in partnership with universities, for example. Others are flexible and can be tailored specifically for your business.


TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL has in its team masters from different areas, who also work as professors in universities, internal courses and courses in company. The dynamics of the corporate world requires professionals to be constantly updated on different topics. In this sense, we provide training focused on the areas of auditing, finance, governance, compliance, accounting and taxation.