The General Law for the Protection of Personal Data – LGPD came into force in Brazil on August 14, 2018, with the main objective of protecting the rights of freedom and privacy of citizens, directly or indirectly affecting companies that work with user data.


It is important to understand what is considered personal data. At the Art. 5 of Law 13.709, personal data is information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. That is, they are data that alone or together allow the person to be identified, such as name, CPF number, RG number, address, e-mail, among others. However, when we talk about the processing of personal data, the concept is much broader.


The LGPD defines data processing as “everything a company does with the information collected”, regardless of the company's physical location or where the data is processed. So that it is impossible to think of any digital marketing strategy that is not driven by personal data. This is because when interacting with digital marketing actions, users provide personal information, which is collected through forms and clicks, for example.


It is extremely important for companies to adapt to the terms of the new law, as it prohibits the collection and use of personal data in marketing actions without the user's proper authorization. LGPD also condemns the sale of information to third parties without due consensus between the parties. To adapt correctly, the company needs to understand the necessary adjustments in landing pages, forms, e-mail marketing, among others. Another rule of the LGPD is the availability of thevogation of consent to users, who need to be empowered to request the removal of their database information in part or in full.


In lead generation, for example, some changes must also be made. One of them is in data collection, and now it is necessary to define the legal basis, storage time, what to use among others, which in the case of lead generation, the most used are consent and legitimate interest.


Including information about your company's Privacy Policy is part of another important change brought about by the LGPD. In addition to requiring a field in which the person expresses their consent, data collection needs to be comprehensible and have simple and direct content, which is easy for the user to understand. Attention is also recommended to the practice of e-mail marketing, one of the main means of communication of actions in the digital environment. The company must make sure that all leads have authorized the storage and use of their data and have given their consent to be part of its automated base.


With the implementation of the LGPD, your company needs to define mechanisms and change internal processes to enable the processing of personal data. The best solution is to seek experts and specialized consultancy in LGPD to assist in mapping information and conducting strategies.


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