Some Services Included in Consulting

The consulting include solutions of great importance to companies. One case is the review of processes, recommended for companies that do not have a defined structure of processes or companies with already structured processes, which seek a revitalization of concepts. In such cases, the consulting performs a periodic review in most business segments, to update processes for possible changes in the operating model and for changes in best practices over time.

A consulting it also helps to seek the ease of access to information, providing visibility to the business, and the design of an efficient planning process, through the practice of S&OP – Sales and Operations Planning. Many companies have problems of communication failure and integration between areas, which impair access to information and the right decision-making. The S&OP promoted by consulting takes into account the participation of all areas of the business, seeking at an initial stage to understand the entire current state of information generation and performance indicators. Armed with this knowledge, the consulting suggests a set of information to be generated and analyzed within the business, as well as a traditional S&OP cycle for decision making.

Strategic Sourcing, another practice of consulting, seeks to reduce costs related to purchases, with an approach that considers different areas of the business, considering not only the cost of the purchase, but also the cost of storing materials, freight, quality and service provided. In this approach, the consulting separates the company's purchases into categories, selects a group that is representative of the business result and seeks various reductions in this result, considering the purchase price and all the influence of these items within the business.

An integral part of implementing this practice of consulting it is the objective of a significant reduction in the company's costs and the transfer of the methodology to the client's team, which will be able to make appropriate decisions after the end of the project.

One more practice of consulting is the Zero-Based Budget, which approaches the budget culture as one of the most effective measures to reduce costs. To this end, the best solution is to abandon inefficient cost determination standards and the attachment to historical values ​​that are not demonstrably competitive, and the consulting In this practice, it reviews the classification of all costs and their method of calculation, providing a diagnosis of the current situation of the company's costs, in search of the formation of a model that brings complete visibility of the business numbers.

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