Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many traditional companies resisted the idea of ​​letting employees work from home. With the pandemic, managers are changing their mindset and questioning whether they really need all the physical space they currently have. However, for the company to decide to keep its employees in home office, aiming at its benefits for both parties, including the reduction of space, needs to pay attention to one of the main factors of the success of this format: the technological factor.


When talking about technology, it is necessary to analyze not only the IT infrastructure, but also the technology that will be used remotely by the employee. In this case, you will achieve savings not only in costs such as rent or electricity, but also in technology. This is because the need for installation, monitoring and security can be reduced. As well as the need for printers, a trend that started before the pandemic. In the case of moving your business to a smaller location, it is important to answer the many IT infrastructure questions that come with this move. And answer them in the planning phase, not later. 


If you're not already using cloud technology, it's time to rethink. If you administer machines that require servers or if you have software running in-house, consider keeping your servers local. But if you have an email server, for example, you can save money by switching to a cloud-based application. And the cloud is a good alternative for remote workers as it allows them to access software applications and company data from anywhere, allowing them to do their jobs efficiently.


It is important to make a cost comparison to validate the feasibility of the company migrating to the cloud. The licensing costs, time and labor required will be considered, but when considering the long-term productivity gains and cost savings of not maintaining servers, the decision is likely to be to migrate.


It's part of the process to rethink the technology offered for remote work, to see if the company is enabling successful remote work. The company needs to offer adequate technology tools, in addition to high-speed internet. Connection speed is one of the biggest concerns for remote work. If the company wants to reduce the size of the physical space and encourage more employees to work from home, it must consider the cost of providing the technology necessary for the work to be successful, compared to the cost of maintaining the current space. Security is also a major concern. Protecting data when it leaves the company is not a new concept. From laptops to cell phones, organizations must implement encryption, among other tools that ensure a high level of security, regardless of where the employee is working. 


After taking into account the technical requirements of current space and remote working, one can come to the conclusion that downsizing is not cost-effective. But migration can also be very worthwhile, in which case it is worth looking for information for even more concrete answers.


TATICCA is here to help. We offer robust consulting services regarding new building construction, office moves and remote workforce needs. We analyzed from where network points should be located for maximum efficiency, to what types of equipment would give the greatest return on investment for security, essential to protect company data, whether in the office or on a remote employee's laptop.


Should you migrate to the cloud? Are your internal controls robust enough to support remote work? Are there gaps in your cybersecurity? How do you envision your technology five years from now? THE TATICCA - ALLINIAL GLOBAL can help you answer these questions, whether it's developing a technology roadmap or running a gap analysis and providing recommendations.


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