External auditors are certified accountants who work independently of a company, examining the financial statements prepared by the company's management. THE auditing accounting ensures that all statements made in the company's financial statements are accurate and true.


A auditing accounting has been gaining an increasing degree of importance in the market, mainly due to globalization and the demand for investors who want to invest their resources in transparent and safe companies. In that case, the auditing accounting provides essential information for investors, as it increases the transparency of the data disclosed by companies. It is also very important in the processes of acquisitions, incorporations or dissolution of companies, recognizing and evaluating the financial part of the company and the equity components.


In our country it is extremely necessary to talk about auditing, as fraud and corruption have become frequent and it is essential that the level of trust is restored. Brazil still lacks professionals in auditing and currently, the market pressures companies to implement strict controls to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with their procedures. The increasing computerization of government agencies has also made tax inspection more efficient, bringing to companies a demand for auditors capable of detecting flaws and inconsistencies.


As investors and creditors need to rely on financial statements when making their investment and credit decisions, it is imperative that the financial reporting process be credible. It is expected that the auditing to behave in a fully ethical manner, including helping to ensure integrity in the reporting process. Those who are preparing to enter the accounting profession should do so with that intention.



Advances in technology have eliminated many parts of number crunching and data collection, as well as providing powerful analytical tools. Therefore, professionals auditing must also keep up with technology trends.


The accounting profession has grown due to the increasing complexity, size and number of businesses and the frequent changes in tax laws. All these factors open up opportunities for accountants to seek adequate specialization and act in the auditing accounting. In addition to having studied Accounting, to act as an auditor, the accounting professional must be registered with the CRC and know the auditing standards, in theory and practical application. In addition, some sectors can only be audited by professionals registered with the CVM – Comissão de Valores Mobiliários.


A competent professional business auditor adds invaluable value to the company as they need to have an inquisitive mind grounded in their knowledge of finance. Using their skills and understanding of the environment in which they operate, professionals at auditing accountants ask challenging questions, as their accounting background allows them to take a pragmatic and objective approach to problem solving, making their work valuable to management, especially in small and medium-sized businesses where professional accountants are often the only members. of professionally qualified staff.


The demand for auditors has been increasing in recent years and regardless of the demand in companies, the country needs new professionals. THE auditor Accounting requires professionals with a lot of practical and theoretical qualifications, as this is an increasingly valued profession.


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