Auditing and Consulting – What's the Difference

Audit and consulting are two confused segments in the business world. Although they work in a similar way, the auditing is different from service consulting. Understand the difference below:


A auditing analyzes the financial statements and checks whether the records made reflect the reality of the company. It is used by publicly traded companies to certify to shareholders the integrity of accounting entries.

It is a function of auditing evaluations of procedures and transactions that impact the financial statements. different from consulting, the audit does not act in the operational areas of the company, such as in an area of ​​inventories or human resources. She attends the areas only accounting.

By hiring the auditing, companies expect auditors to analyze and validate the financial information, if the operations carried out comply with internal rules and policies, and also ensure that the investments of resources were really beneficial to the company.

a job of auditing is built in stages, which mainly comprise mapping processes, identifying risks and existing internal controls to minimize these risks, testing internal controls and obtaining evidence, so that the auditor can form his opinion and also present contributions to the improvements.


A consulting analyzes all areas of the company, according to the service contract agreed with the requesting company. With a broader view, different from the auditing, it identifies possible distortions in practice and suggests corrections for better profitability and safety in the operational environment.

The consulting process and interpret data related to business management. Therefore, different from auditing, they help companies with strategic solutions related to operations. In addition to collecting relevant information, the consultancy also makes a diagnosis of the company's reality and suggests changes and strategies for improvement.

Like auditing, consulting it can be internal or external, where the internal ones are carried out by employees of the company itself and the external ones by specialized companies.

Despite these differences, both the auditing as for consulting have in their list of objectives the concern to provide a quality service that helps the company in solving its problems and provides suggestions for the best management.

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