Benefits of Accounting Audit

Being the accounting audit a process that analyzes a company's financial situation and validates the accuracy of accounting records is advantageous because, in addition to validating information, it certifies administrators that internal controls are being carried out efficiently and effectively. Or, if not, suggest improvements.

Precisely for this reason, in any company, regardless of size or business area, accounting audit adds security and transparency to the process. However, it is common for companies to only look for it when they notice signs of errors or fraud in the financial statements.

It is worth remembering that accounting audit it can be carried out not only in companies that comply with the obligation, but also in small companies, as it identifies fraud and irregularities in administration. In case of non-obligation, the decision to carry out a accounting audit is up to the management of the company.

The process of accounting audit it may point out errors, which are unintentional, such as incorrect interpretations of standards, or it may point out fraud, which are intentional, such as manipulation or falsification of records. Irregularities identified by the accounting audit can be analyzed by the management level, which will also apply corrections and improvements. Frauds are reported directly to the manager, for reasons of secrecy.

The most important thing is to clarify that, although the accounting audit does not identify errors or fraud, it will always contribute to improvements in the company's practices.

The main objective of accounting audit is to compare the financial statements with the equity and financial situation, but this process reaches other areas of the company.

In order to emphasize the importance of the process, in addition to protecting errors and fraud in the financial area, we list some of the areas that benefit from the accounting audit:

·       In the tax area, the accounting audit ensures compliance with tax obligations, thus protecting the company from fines and penalties;

·       In the heritage area, the accounting audit helps control company assets;

·       In the administrative area, the accounting audit reduces the negligence and inefficiency of the processes;

·       In the social area, the accounting audit suggests the correct application of resources, increasing the credibility of investments.

These are just some of the benefits brought by the accounting audit, which is restricted to the auditor and in compliance with Brazilian and international standards, due to independence issues.

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