In the world scenario of the pandemic, everything is changing very fast. For companies, threats and opportunities appear every day and the management consulting sectors are being provoked by various trends, such as emerging technologies for example. And the trend is that with these changes caused at work and in society by the COVID-19 crisis, the disruptive transformation of the consulting industry will tend to accelerate. Remote work, the need for contingency plans and lean budgets are some of the trends impacting the industry.


The consulting industry has already been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways. Starting with the regular travel routine of professionals in the area. But like any other crisis, it is also an opportunity. Consultants are already beginning to be labeled as strategic, as the uncertainty unleashed by the pandemic has reinforced the need, now more than ever, for strategic thinking. In other words, there is a strong tendency for companies to prioritize contingency planning, scenarios and business strategy.


The rapid adoption of remote work during the pandemic will persist. As a result, companies will tend to look for consultants with delivery models geared towards the digital world. As remote work highlights gaps in the work processes themselves, customers will demand that work methodologies and processes be delivered remotely through digital technology. On the other hand, a challenge involving how to digitize a robust and collaborative business strategy process for an executive team? In this context, digital delivery must go far beyond videoconferencing tools, for example. The consultancy's differential will be in the creation of offers based on emerging technologies, such as software without code and artificial intelligence, for the creation of new digital methodologies that transform the fundamental work processes of the clients.


In the traditional consulting model, projects are sold by the most experienced professionals, but delivered by junior consultants. With the post-pandemic trend of customers expecting digital delivery, consultants who create scalable and repeatable best practice processes, delivering value far beyond billable hours, will be the differentiator in the marketplace.


The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought job opportunities in restructuring and cost-cutting programs. Many opportunities also arise in the context of mergers and acquisitions. E-commerce is also being boosted and companies are looking for consultants to examine and reorganize their supply chains. An increasing number of companies are questioning how to deal with the economic consequences of the pandemic and are looking for specialized consultants to help.

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