Technology is changing rapidly, and the way we live and work is affected by these changes. The way of working of the past can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. As businesses evolve, the quantity and complexity of operations increase and efficiency and quality do not naturally develop at the same speed or proportion.

Although every company does not need to be an icon of innovation, not being too late in the face of changes in the corporate world is an important differentiator. The lack of updating in processes brings chaos to the lives of many managers in their operations, due to factors such as lack of control, lack of visibility, unpredictability and inefficiency, which generate cost to the company's processes. Non-optimized processes negatively affect agility, productivity and innovativeness.

Therefore, developments in management tools allow opportunities to reduce costs with the use of BPM platforms (Business Process Modeling), with process design adapted to the reality of each company and easy customization and use. Some of them: total customization of processes, replacement of email and paper, full visibility of activities and where they are stopped, IT independence (anyone can design a process), reduction of operating costs

Within this business process modeling, Business Process Modeling fits after the process mapping. It is the graphical visualization of the process, its stages and the people involved.

This modeling in the company's processes can bring many benefits. One of them is the alignment of operations with the company's business strategy. It is common for processes not to be conducted in accordance with the company's objectives and vision, and Business Process Modeling provides this alignment, maximizing results.

Cost cutting is also a great benefit brought by Business Process Modeling, which easily identifies bottlenecks, as well as suppressing duplicate tasks and cutting waste. The methodology also increases control of processes, which work best through representation and create consistency from management control and continuous improvement.

Another benefit of Business Process Modeling is improved communication, as teams become better acquainted with their roles within the process, understand the importance of their role as a whole and seek to achieve optimal performance.

Business Process Modeling is an enabler for document and disseminate the company's processes, aligning understanding among all employees. understand and Applying the methodology in your company will increase productivity, customer satisfaction, efficiency of your processes and the quality of your products and services, all of this reducing costs and waste.

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