An increasing number of companies are using professional internal audit outsourcing companies to fill in any gaps and meet their needs. In addition to the basic need to find someone with experience, or additional professionals with a certain expertise, to complement your own internal audit team, internal audit CO-SOURCING can help with additional benefits.


Improvement in your business operations: Bringing in a professional or a team of professionals in internal auditing can not only help you create a specific project in a certain period of time, but these professionals can also leave a lasting impression on your own team. By working with an assured company that offers an organized and streamlined approach, your own team can adopt certain approaches and philosophies to help stay on point daily for better ongoing efficiency and easier preparation for future internal audits.


Relief in the internal audit team itself: Audits sometimes coincide with the holiday season, when key team members schedule time out of the office. Internal audit outsourcing works as the ideal solution for everyone. Whether your project is for an annual audit, new business activity, or fiscal year-end books, Co-Sourcing is often a great option.


Access to highly specialized knowledge: You may not have the budget to hire an audit professional to spend the time required on regulations and legislation that could affect your results. Your internal audit firm has a number of specialist audit specialists with specific and essential knowledge.


Taking advantage of flexibility: Some audit roles and cycles are more demanding of your internal audit team than others. When you have a professional auditing firm on your contact list, you can seek temporary expert assistance when you need more professionals, or save money while keeping the work in-house for lighter projects.


Obtaining independent and objective insights: It is easy for an internal audit team to become complacent in their tasks due to familiarity with the work product. Bringing in an outside contractor gives you a fresh look, sharp perspective, and the expertise to make recommendations when you notice inconsistencies and other issues.


Identification of risk assessment components: Because this task is often performed at higher executive levels, an external internal audit professional with risk assessment experience can investigate financial, operational, and industrial risks outside your organization to help determine how they may affect your business.


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