The search for the compliance with GDPR and according to experts there is a correlation between the size of the company and the degree of adherence to the Law. With the various penalties, ranging from warnings to fines and suspension of the right to process personal data, companies are increasingly concerned about urgently adapting to the norm and seeking LGPD consultancy to help.


The consultancy starts compliance with GDPR performing a diagnosis in order to develop a compliance index. The preparation of this index is done in a personalized way, always taking into account the business sector and the company's needs. At this beginning, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure the security of the personal data of customers, partners and employees.


Na compliance with GDPR, the consultancy also clarifies some basic concepts of the LGPD, such as: 1) Dpersonal dataIinformation relating to the identified natural person or who can be identified by crossing two or more pieces of information, 2) Sensitive Personal Data: information from individuals that may cause some type of discrimination, such as: ethnicity, religion, marital status, education, sexual orientation, public opinion, genetic material, biometrics, 3) Holder: a to whom the personal data subject to some treatment refers, who owns the rights over the data and may use them in any way they see fit. 4) Consent: it's free mexplicit and unequivocal declaration of the holder agreeing to the processing of their personal data for a specific purpose. 6) totreatment people: people responsible for the care of the data, and may be held responsible for incidents that fail to comply with the legislation. 5) Andncharged: is the person iintermediary of the relationship between the user, the company and the ANPD, also responsible for receiving communications and complaints from the holders, adopting security measures, guiding data agents on privacy and giving the best practices necessary for the treatment of data, 6) National Data Protection Authority - ANPD: ópublic administration body whose purpose is the protection of personal and privacy data. 


At the end of the process of compliance with GDPR, the consultancy also carries out a mapping of the company's current scenario and indicates points of improvement, raising the adequacy index to the maximum. It is important to remember that the law alone will not be enough for the company to have the maximum protection, it is also necessary to change the culture and efficient inspection activities of the ANPD.


The LGPD is already in force and impacting the Brazilian market as a whole. If your company has not yet made the compliance with GDPR eContact TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL, which has a qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team, tools and methodology to consulting on Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and also implementation, in an objective and assertive way, with: guidance and training, diagnosis, analysis of employee contracts, analysis of supplier contracts, analysis of internal policies, analysis of contracts for the provision of services or sale of products, adaptation of contracts serving Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) , data mapping, implementation of the service channel, elaboration of a privacy policy, pre-formatted documentation with all the requirements of the GDPR