For a long time, businessmen did not include accounting as an important strategy tool, but nowadays it is common for accounting to be seen as an essential ally in business management. Including, a term widely used and that has been seen within the theme is strategic accounting.


Since accounting is much more than bureaucratic processes, it has been proven that when properly applied, it becomes fundamental for the decision-making process within a company. In this case, strategic accounting also acts as an advisory, which in addition to traditional accounting routines, also assists in success and from the company.


Among the benefits of strategic accounting, we can mention the monitoring of the business, as it becomes a financial planning tool and provides analysis for decision making. Another benefit is the planning and creation of goals, as accounting gives a macro view of the business, facilitating the definition of objectives and goals according to the current economic scenario and market perspectives.


Strategic accounting is nothing more than the innovation of accounting services, aiming to guarantee greater support in the accounting, tax, labor and financial areas for entrepreneurs. It is a service that does not only seek financial organization, but development and growth through complete assistance. An evolution of the traditional accounting concept, which accompanied the rise of the internet and brought about a change in the corporate environment.


One of the proposals of strategic accounting is to be able to monitor and analyze changes in the market and, using technology to benefit your business, work with accounting routines efficiently and profitably. The entire management strategy is enhanced when the entrepreneur has the performance indicators informed by accounting.


Today's entrepreneurs are taking strategic postures. For a businessman in the current market, having strategic accounting in his management is to seek development and profitability, because by evaluating the performance of his business and making assertive decisions, he will practice much safer actions.


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