When your car needs repairs, do you fix it yourself or leave it to a mechanic? And when your electrical network fails? Or when your appliance requires the replacement of a part? For the same reasons, you should hire an accounting firm to take care of your finances, taxes and payroll, for example.


By correctly applying accounting knowledge in your company, you will have accurate reports and a clearer understanding of the financial situation. An accounting firm is assertive in records and transactions, adding value to your business.


Hiring an accounting firm also reduces the cost of your time as a business owner, who needs to plan and take care of management, and if you are not an expert in the financial area, you need someone with knowledge in accounting and taxation.


The staff of an accounting firm will also be able to advise you on various aspects. In addition to accounting and financial advice, it can help you create or improve your business plan, inform you about the type of loan that best suits you, help you choose suppliers with the best price and that convey confidence that they value compliance with the terms of a future contract. And if you want to expand your business, make purchases and sales, an accounting firm will be able to examine your historical financial records and advise you on improvements to maximize your profits.


The monitoring of cash flows, bookkeeping in books established by tax and accounting legislation, control and generation of all calculations and payroll entries, payments and receipts and lines of credit are related to the services of the accounting office. Accountants must resolve discrepancies that occur in company accounts and facilitate finance-related communication between other team members to ensure information is being channeled completely and accurately.


It is important that the company actually has a high level partnership with the accounting firm, so that all its needs are fully met and at an appropriate level. This means proactivity on the part of the accounting firm in anticipating analyzes of advantages in legal tax alternatives, technical-accounting support in new businesses and transactions, technical capacity and availability to act as a true consultant for the company.


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