The finance and accounting areas face different challenges since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, along with other segments. Professionals in these areas, together with consultants and business leaders, use their knowledge daily to solve complex issues and bring innovative solutions.


One of the first trends for 2021 and future years will be the attention of professionals looking for a direction for the skills and abilities demanded in the market. With all these changes, employees who reinvent themselves and help ensure the financial health and growth of companies, in addition to flexibility for strategic actions, will have their skills valued.


According to Jornal Contábil, “all people who are studying or have graduated in Accounting know that the process of training and professional improvement is constant. And, of course, to stand out as an up-to-date and dynamic professional, it is essential to know the latest trends in the profession, which is directly linked to the health of companies”. Increasingly, the accounting professional is no longer just an agent specialized in bureaucratic issues and becomes a professional capable of suggesting strategies in relation to the business of companies.


The fields of mergers and acquisitions, along with financial planning is also seen as a trend for 2021, helping companies to gain access to consistent information about the economic market and identify better business opportunities.


Technology also arrives not only as a trend, but as a reality and a differential in the new market scenario, forcing professionals to change their habits and adapt to technological resources, using them as differentials in their professional performance. A great example is cloud computing, already offered by many accounting firms.


Robotic process automation (RPA) will continue to impact financial institutions to help them be more efficient and effective. This includes processes such as customer onboarding, risk assessments, security checks, data analysis and reporting, compliance processes, including repetitive administrative activities. It is important to note that RPA should not be interpreted as a risk to jobs, as it is an opportunity to innovate and focus on strategic aspects.


With technological advances, companies offer greater credibility and speed in serving their customers. Banks, for example, have information about the behavior of their customer base through browsing data, allowing AI to integrate real-time insights offered. AI helps companies process, store and generate insights from the data obtained, bringing the concept of personalization to a scale never seen before.


All the major trends indicate that companies are moving towards digitization and transformation, finding more agile ways of working, increasing productivity, developing skills for the future and investing in technology modernization, assurance and information security.


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