Recent developments in digital technologies have provided companies with tools to embark on digital transformation, covering a wide range of business processes and activities. In this way, they were able to take advantage of technology to digitally transform themselves, putting themselves at a significant competitive advantage over their competitors.


From mitigating unprecedented business disruptions to adapting to new operational paradigms, professionals in all industries find themselves dealing with major changes, many of which are driven by emerging technologies. Accounting is no different. The profession has moved far beyond bookkeeping and payroll and is taking on an increasingly strategic role for forward-thinking companies. While some experts insist that accounting has a bleak future in the digital world of tomorrow, technologies such as cloud-based data management, process automation and advanced analytics are positioning themselves to further elevate accountants into new, value-adding ways.


In practice, the use of digital solutions allows the improvement of the accountant's work, making digital transformation a path taken by those who wish to remain competitive in the market. In accounting, it has had an impact, for example, on the demand for the use of digital documents. Inspection bodies in Brazil, such as the Federal Revenue and the Treasury Departments, have adapted to technological changes and are already using systems based on digital documents. In this way, by digitally storing a company's documents, the accountant has easy access to carry out declarations and ancillary obligations with the stored data. With the increase in digital documents, the accountant also started to adopt digital certification, which guarantees integrity and authenticity to signatures when sending documents. Only in these processes of digital documents and certification, there is a significant reduction of possible failures, in addition to the consumption of human and material resources.


Another relevant impact of digital transformation in accounting is the use of accounting software, which involves management and integration of systems. The software centralizes information and ensures high productivity for professionals. They allow companies to monitor their process of transmitting statements, in addition to enabling meetings and discussions with greater flexibility of time, avoiding losses in deliveries and optimizing the relationship between the client and the accountant.


Finally, a very noticeable impact on accounting brought about by digital transformation was the need to train accountants. Adaptation to technological tools is essential to remain competitive and convey credibility to your customers. Investing in knowledge to enjoy the benefits of technology, as well as keeping up to date with government requirements, is one of the great differences in accounting in this new era of technology.


The most important thing to think about is that automation and other data-driven technologies are designed to favor accountants, not restrict them. With the technological solutions, all the work bureaucracy was automated, allowing the accountant to direct his focus to the provision of a differentiated and personalized service, helping in the management of the business with a consultative accounting. Companies that understand the potential and importance of these technologies realize that their businesses will not only have more efficient workflows, but will also strengthen their resilience, agility and competitiveness.


The digital transformation in accounting has brought many impacts on the profession, but that will take accounting to a new level of excellence, making the accountants of tomorrow have a more creative and strategic role in companies, focusing on results.


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