Today's society is already considered informational and with the popularization of the internet, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, the amount of data created and stored has been growing exponentially, making the protection of personal data increasingly important. . In this context, it is understood that the main objective of the LGPD is to ensure that the treatment of personal information is planned to protect individuals, protecting values ​​such as freedom and privacy.


Therefore, the LGPD - General Data Protection Law, brings great challenges to all organizations, including the health sector, since they use a variety of sensitive information from customers, employees and suppliers. Healthcare companies, such as clinics and hospitals, are among the most impacted by the LGPD, due to the volume of sensitive data generated daily, such as personal data, requested exams, exam results, medical history, among others.


Since the LGPD has wide and general applicability, the simple access to personal data is already considered as a processing step. Therefore, experts recommend, for example, the use of a document signed by patients with their consent for the use of their data, describing the history of the treatment of the information, as well as its respective steps, starting with the collection of the data until its storage. .


Specifically in the health sector, the LGPD will significantly impact the way health institutions handle patient data. Each must find the best way to implement the LGPD, assuring patients and others involved the protection of their data. In parallel, they need to find suitable methods for data subjects to access their data. The importance of internal training is also highlighted to train employees in the action plans, aiming at a change in the organizational culture to comply with data protection and the right to confidentiality and privacy of patients and those involved.


There are many compliance obligations imposed by the LGPD and the health area will be one of the most impacted. Therefore, the importance of programs for compliance that help in the implementation of actions aimed at the adoption of a culture of privacy and information security. In Brazil, the LGPD demands regulation based on the particularities of each sector, and the ANPD, the supervisory body and responsible for the application of administrative sanctions, has a fundamental role in monitoring the law in organizations.


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