A The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified existing threats and created new risks for organizations to assess, so business owners, in order to constantly seek additional assurance that their company's management, resources and controls are being effective, have sought further assistance from the auditing.


On the other hand, with limited mobility and face-to-face meetings with their clients, auditing found added value in the benefits of going digital: quicker feedback, greater stakeholder engagement, and robust, centralized reporting. Many teams of auditing and compliance, for example, have found remote audits to be, in many ways, even more effective than being onsite.


Whether your company has already embraced digital audits or is just starting this journey, you need to continually reassess priorities. It is recommended to assess, for example, how often conditions require, how the pandemic is affecting your plan of auditing. Audits should take into account the way you are doing business today.


Regularly review and adjust your plan auditing according to business conditions is essential in today's market dynamics, as well as aligning your team and key stakeholders on critical and urgent risks, focusing your attention on the areas and procedures that will protect your business. Investing in tools that promote connectivity is also important, as auditing it is a team-based and relationship-oriented role.


One of the auditing Successful remote work requires a little prep work and expectations setting, because getting the necessary documentation can be more work than usual. But by making sure that auditees and stakeholders are aligned in the auditing, including their delivery times, will allow them sufficient time to prepare.


Currently, many teams plan and interact with the activities of auditing using technology. Investing in the right technology allows teams to auditing apply a consistent methodology. For example, an automated cloud-based system creates a repository of all information related to auditing and easily shares them with all parties involved so that no one has to search for the necessary information.

The professionals of auditing they can be confident they are basing decisions on the most up-to-date data, and they can assign tasks and reminders to colleagues so that nothing is forgotten.


With advanced analytics and instant visual representations of data, these tools also eliminate tedious reporting, speed up the auditing and free up time for teams to focus on improving strategies.


Whatever the work of auditing, by being able to assess the effectiveness of governance, risk and compliance practices more quickly and accurately, the auditing can solidify its position as a strategic partner in achieving the organization's overall risk management and business goals.


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