The metaverse is an increasingly popular concept in technology and already has applications in many areas including gaming, entertainment, education, business and more. Its growing popularity has attracted many investors, who see the potential for financial return in companies that are developing technologies and platforms in this area. The Virtual and Augmented Reality sector has been a major beneficiary, with several companies receiving large investments to develop metaverse technologies and applications.

Accompanying the movement, the capital market is also beginning to explore the metaverse. According to some studies and expert opinions on the situation of the capital market in the metaverse, the platform blockchain, which stores transaction data in batches, is secure, but companies in general are still preparing with investments and infrastructure for continuous activities in the virtual environment.

According to the lawyer Ana Paula Marques dos Reis, partner of BMA and VP of Comec - Capital Market Commission, of Abrasca, Metaverso is already released for companies to hold AGOs and AGEs with the shareholder base. “We believe that Metaverso complies with all the minimum requirements required by CVM Resolution nº 81/2022 to be considered an electronic voting system, which can be used by companies to hold their general meetings – she said. In addition, Ana Paula states that the assemblies can be held in a hybrid way. Therefore, the metaverse qualifies as an additional and alternative way of holding assemblies.

The CEO of IBRI, Rodrigo Maia, also reinforces this opinion when he says that “the metaverse is highly operable, which guarantees the origin of the vote for the company, in an assembly. In face-to-face mode, even the participant presenting the RG, there is a risk of fraud”. For Rodrigo, the platform blockchain it is secure and improves efficiency, providing the emergence of decentralized finance.

As everything indicates, as the metaverse is an expanding technology, its relationship with the capital market is still very incipient. However, regulations are maturing fast and according to the Citibank report, released in 2002, by the end of this decade (2030) the Metaverso should have a market value between US$ 8 trillion and US$ 13 trillion.

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