Today, from industry to retail and education to finance, practically every sector is already investing in the metaverse. And before commenting on the possibilities of investing in this segment, it is important to reinforce its definition.


The metaverse is a network of virtual worlds that uses virtual and augmented reality technologies, providing the user with an immersion in the replica of reality, with a focus on social connections. This immersion can be done through accessories such as glasses and gauntlets, connected to smartphones or computers. Enthusiasts of the subject believe that this is the future of the internet.


Although the metaverse is recent, there are already discussions about its relationship with the investment market. In addition to the fact that the adoption of this technology strengthens the bond and favors the engagement of shareholders, there are also possibilities for investments in the metaverse. For example, buying assets from certain companies that are betting on this technology is already one of the possibilities and expectations for the results of this market.


Other possibilities involve, for example, buying cryptocurrencies, renting or buying spaces or properties, buying shares of companies that are in the metaverse, in addition to NFTs, which are objects created inside and outside the metaverse for buying and selling in marketplaces. In addition to this direct investment, there is also a movement of investors interested in the speculation of these assets, with the intention of obtaining short-term profits, according to the fluctuation of asset prices. Although it is not considered an investment strategy, it allows for various assets to be used for profit.


Although the risk is high because they are very recent assets, there is already talk of potential for investing in the metaverse, which attracts the attention of investors as an option to diversify their portfolio.


These possibilities raise doubts about the impacts for those who choose not to invest in the metaverse. If the market really appreciates, these investors may miss opportunities. The fact is that the investment market is growing rapidly and undergoing changes, according to the countless possibilities that are emerging. It is therefore up to investors to stay alert and follow the evolution of technology, in order to know the right moment to take advantage of opportunities.

(Glades Chuery - New Business Director)


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