With the current COVID-19 pandemic bringing serious consequences to the economy, many companies need to adapt, either by suspending their operations or transforming their work model. It is a fact that most professions underwent adjustments in their routines and scope of work, which was no different with the accounting professional, who also became a consultant to their clients, ensuring economic balance and presenting possible future scenarios to contain the entrepreneur's anxiety and also help him in strategic planning.


Accounting is responsible for taking care of the financial, economic, tax and property sectors of organizations, that is, those that represent their financial health. As a result, it generates valuable information for management and administration, so assistance in managing the crisis is essential in times like the one we are experiencing. A wrong decision for bringing large financial losses or even the discontinuity of the business.


As home office becoming a fundamental tool in the routine of several companies amid the pandemic, the use of the internet is also extended to the accountant's communication with his clients, which more than ever, needs to be clear and timely. Accounting professionals who were not yet present in the virtual environment start to use this communication, including to be an example for their clients. They need to be motivators of virtual internal communication, since a lot of information and documents can be shared by emails or secure platforms, mainly to avoid that the schedule for sending tax documents is affected.


Several changes and adaptations leave entrepreneurs, already worried about the continuity of the business, outdated about deadlines and installments, for example. Since the beginning of the pandemic, when President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned Law 13.979 on the subject and is expected to be in force for its duration, the federal government has presented new measures with the aim of reducing the economic impact on Brazilian companies. In addition to reviewing the rules provided for in the CLT, it approved new provisional measures to avoid mass layoffs, such as MP 936, which brought some important changes to labor legislation. As soon as this and other changes came into force, many doubts arose, bringing accountants to the need to review legislation and communicate with their clients, so that they would adapt to the current rules. Getting closer to companies, bringing clarifications about legal updates, has also become another fundamental activity of the accountant.


The COVID-19 crisis brings long-term negative effects to our economy, but the accountant is able to help minimize the negative impacts of companies, through an accounting consultancy, indicating strengths and weaknesses that need immediate actions, suggesting improvements in management and financial processes, assisting in fiscal balance with good tax planning, in addition to presenting measures that guarantee the adoption of conducts to maintain the sustainability of the business.


We live in an unprecedented situation and it is up to the accountant, now, more than ever, to be aware and informed about the scenarios and measures imposed by the government. With the correct and updated information in hand, you can work alongside the entrepreneur, helping to plan strategies capable of strengthening the business as a whole.


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