In recent years, Accounting has been strongly impacted by new technologies. This is because information technology allied to Contability, helps companies to remain in the market, streamlining processes and transforming information into a powerful business management tool, in addition to reducing efforts to comply with fiscal and tax obligations imposed by the government.


Currently, a change in the way people have related is what has made companies see opportunities, as the physical world has been increasingly inserted into the digital world, providing the great experience of the metaverse. With the metaverse, it is expected that many business and professional opportunities will arise, which has motivated large companies to invest in their consolidation. Microsoft is one of these companies, which created a platform called Mesh, to hold meetings in a virtual environment through holograms and 3D avatars. Second BBC News article, "Bloomberg Intelligence estimates the market opportunity for the metaverse could reach $800 billion by 4,5.


The question is, if there is space for Accounting in the virtual world. Specialists in the subject have already advanced and answer that yes, Accounting has already reached the digital world. The new world of the metaverse was the subject of one of the lectures at the 27th Convention of Accounting Professionals of the State of São Paulo (Convecon), held by the Regional Accounting Council of São Paulo (CRCSP). In the lecture “Corporate Metaverse: A Brave New World”, ssecond Edgard Cornacchione, president of FIPECAFI - Foundation Institute of Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research, “The trends are clear, with effects on the agricultural, commercial, services and financial segments, notably in terms of personalization and empathy. For Accounting and for accountants, it is clear that the metaverse catalyzes digital transformation”.


The metaverse promises many benefits for society, but there is also speculation about the challenges it will bring to companies. And Accounting will continue to be the necessary support for those who aredoing business in this new reality, as they will also need accounting and tax advice. The virtual world is not exempt from these issues and with so many expectations being processed in a new and unknown corporate world, the Accounting professional will be ready to help entrepreneurs who need insights and tools for managing your business. still gives 27th Convecon, cornacchione stated that: “The most important skill for accountants, in the face of the metaverse, is perhaps to be less technical and have more capacity for critical evaluation of this business model. THE accounting will need to position itself to provide assistance, advice and recognize resistance in this digital environment. It will be necessary to participate more critically in this context than simply recognizing transaction attributes”.


Increasingly widespread, the concept of the metaverse expands the possibilities of time and space. Although its construction is still in progress, anticipating actions for your company to be present in this future is important, it is to ensure that new experiences are lived. Only time will be able to answer if the metaverse will be a successful tool, but it is already possible to perceive its impact in the areas of business and professions.


At this point, much more useful than just observing trends, is knowing how to transform people's mentality so that they create companies capable of managing crises and revolutionary changes. Because a good business exists in the real world, and is formed by real people who visualize the opportunities brought by the metaverse, looking for the Accounting professional to add intelligence to their management process.


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