It is a fact that the pandemic has accelerated changes expected for the coming years and some trends mentioned just under two years ago are already a reality in some countries, including Brazil. We researched articles and surveys released in recent months and pointed out some trends for the corporate environment in the coming years.


A study carried out by Microsoft, for example, revealed that employee priorities have changed in the last two years, with 53% more likely to prioritize health and well-being over work than before the pandemic. And 47% are more likely to prioritize family and personal life over work. In addition to salary, aspects such as positive culture (46%), sense of purpose (40%), flexible working hours (38%) and mental health and well-being (42%) were also cited as very important.


Another trend is artificial intelligence, which will be used to automate repetitive functions so that employees can focus on tasks that require human skills, that is, exclusively human talents. The World Economic Forum predicts that artificial intelligence and automation will create nearly 100 million new jobs over the next 3 years, in addition to changing many existing roles.


The metaverse could not be left out of the main trends for the coming years either. Of employees surveyed by Microsoft in a global study, 52% of them said they were open to using immersive digital spaces in the metaverse for conferences and other activities in the coming year. In fact, companies like Samsung, for example, are already using the metaverse to hire professionals anywhere in the world. There is a strong trend, which is already happening, for workspaces to become phygital, physical and digital at the same time, containing offices that allow interaction with those in the company and those outside, through technology and the metaverse.


The culture of metrics by result and not by hours worked is also on the rise in surveys. A survey carried out by Adecco in partnership with the consultancy LHH pointed out that the tendency to evaluate productivity by the result and not by the hours worked is getting stronger, since 73% of employees and leaders agree with the method.


Studies also indicate a greater space for women in IT and flexible work, since there is a shortage of professionals in the market and many companies have internally trained women in the area of ​​information technology. The home office also provides greater access to talent and opens doors for women who are mothers to return to the corporate market. Another similar trend is with regard to rural areas, which have also become radar for talent recruiters.


According to another Microsoft study, the future of work is asynchronous. Many areas and companies have already realized that there is no need for teams to work at the same time and each one can help their agenda according to their needs and technology, through applications, plays its part in bringing everyone together.


It is also worth mentioning, not least, the concern of companies with the mental health of their employees, leading them to invest in happiness programs and benefits to help their employees' mental health. This trend has been consolidating after several surveys that point to the subject. An example was the survey by Sodexo, a multinational benefits company with more than 100 thousand clients and almost 6 million users worldwide, informing that 15% of professionals in the world reported a worsening in mental well-being, in Brazil alone it was reported by 30% of professionals.


These are just some of the trends commented by experts for the coming years, however, changes in the job market happen all the time. Changes become increasingly accelerated and place companies in the face of constant and new challenges, needing to use creativity and adaptation to get ahead of the competition and seek the continuity of their business in an increasingly sustainable way.


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