It is common to notice the auditing accounting and financial being treated as if they were one. However, there are some differences between them, especially with regard to their object of evaluation. Basically the auditing accounting assesses the adequacy of the financial statements, while the auditing financial control assesses financial controls, whether accounting or operational.


The practice of auditing accounting leads the company to have transparency and credibility, bringing security to partners and shareholders. In addition, the company also benefits by adjusting accounting processes to international standards and adapting its internal controls, in order to prevent inconsistencies and irregularities.


Already auditing finance focuses on the routine of the financial management area, it is an examination of the activities carried out in the finances of a company. In addition to validating financial balances, it also analyzes whether the financial investments made by the company are being made efficiently and profitably. Among the benefits of financial auditing, we can mention the guarantee of validation of bank statement balances, accounting records and cash flow, with physical values. Therefore, it is noticeable that although both audit processes go hand in hand, they have some differences.


Currently, the auditing finance has been growing and gaining more space in the highly competitive market, this is because management tools help a lot in decision making for the company's growth. This is because the financial audit helps to minimize or even eliminate possible inconsistencies or fraud, in addition to controlling resources and evaluating conduct.


There are two types of auditing financial: internal and external. The first meets the needs of the company's management, the second attests that the company follows good governance practices. Today, the market increasingly tends to give credit to a company that adopts auditing as part of its organizational processes, as it understands that this increases the reliability of information.


To carry out a auditing financial situation, some steps are necessary. The first step is process mapping, identifying and classifying financial processes such as cash flow, collection, supplier payment, bank statements and reconciliations.


After this step, the auditing finance takes care of identifying the risks in these processes, pointing out flaws or inconsistencies that do not follow accounting standards. The identification of internal controls follows, to identify possible impacts on financial processes and try to minimize these impacts. At this stage, reports, spreadsheets, contracts, signatures, reconciliations, systems, among others, are analyzed.


Finally, internal controls are tested and the results are analyzed. In tests, which are based on specific techniques, the auditing financial measures the safety levels of the procedures and puts each internal control to the test. Techniques such as observation, questionnaires, physical examinations and validation are used at this stage. Analysis, on the other hand, is the obtaining of evidence from the application of these techniques. At this level, the auditor identifies whether the procedures are being performed correctly or not, in addition to suggesting improvements for correction through a report.


It is important to think that the auditing will bring more credibility in the market to your business and guarantee success and continuity. It is recommended that the auditing is accompanied by an accounting audit, which validates whether the accounting balances correspond to the company's equity, economic and financial situation. Currently, companies with management in high stages of maturity adopt the practice of auditing financial, as they understand the benefits that it adds to the organization.


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