The answer is: because training and developing your employees can be critical to your company's future success. To have efficient, productive and adaptable employees, new skills are needed, such as communication, creativity, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving. Training your employees constantly, and not just in challenging times, is a solid strategic move for a leading organization blazing a trail in a competitive industry.


By carrying out the work necessary for your company to meet the business objectives, your employees become your greatest asset. As such, effective training designed specifically for your business can provide them with essential skills that bring with them a number of business benefits.


One of the reasons you need to invest in employee training is to support succession planning, as continuous development supports succession planning by increasing the availability of experienced staff capable of taking on senior roles as they become available. Training areas that support succession planning include lead , strategic decision making, effective people management, and role-specific skills.


Training also increases employee value as it enhances their skills or increases knowledge of existing skills by providing experts in a specific area. Multiskilling is the process of training employees in new or related areas of work to increase their usability within the company. Employees with diverse skill sets can perform a variety of tasks and transition more easily to other roles.


When you invest in the development of your employees, you also reduce attrition rates, as well-planned training provides career possibilities for employees, increasing their retention in the company and, consequently, reducing recruitment costs.


The constant training of employees also increases their efficiency and productivity in completing daily work tasks, helping the company to obtain greater consistency in adherence to the process, facilitating the project of results and the fulfillment of organizational goals. Training your employees in industry standard best practices also helps build your reputation, as many companies operate in saturated markets and what adds value to employees also sets your business apart from the rest.

Continuous development is important and must be customized to best meet the needs of employees. In addition to consolidated professional experience, in our team there are masters in different areas of our activity, who also work as professors at universities, internal courses at TATICCA and external training, as well as actively participating in working groups and committees in accounting bodies. and auditing and are speakers at seminars and forums.


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