The year 2020 was marked by atypical and unexpected situations, which forced many companies to operate remotely, which brought a significant increase in cyber criminals in their corporate environments. But it was also a year marked by the validity of the LGPD. That is why it is essential that managers move quickly to GDPR implementation, so that your business is in line with the new legislation.


The main objective of the LGPD is to ensure transparency in the use of personal data, as its parameters are privacy and the protection of personal data and the fine for those who ignore the GDPR implementation will be up to 2% of annual revenue.


And what are the first steps towards the GDPR implementation? One of the first steps is to understand what your goals are and identify who are the agents involved in the data processing process, according to the terms of art. 5, V, VI, VII and VIII, of the LGPD: holder, controller, operator and person in charge. Then, identify which data are essential and if the holders gave consent at the time of collection. After that, another important step in the GDPR implementation is the elaboration of the privacy policy, which explains to the holders how the data will be treated and for what purpose.


Na GDPR implementation it is also recommended to define a person responsible in the company for the management, control and storage of data, and that a confidentiality agreement be drawn up, guaranteeing the protection of information. It is important that the company is willing to carry out training with its employees, as routines and functions will be affected by the new law.


All this journey of GDPR implementation it will be less impactful with the help of a company specialized in the pillars necessary for the implementation. At this point, the advice of professionals who know the subject can protect companies from irregularities and avoid sanctions for business.


Get in touch with TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL, which has a qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team, tools and methodology to implement the LGPD objectively and assertively, with: guidance and training, diagnosis, analysis of employee contracts, analysis of supplier contracts, analysis of internal policies, analysis of contracts for the provision of services or sale of products, adaptation of contracts according to the LGPD, data mapping, implementation of the service channel, elaboration of a privacy policy, pre-formatted documentation with all the requirements of the LGPD.