Research indicates that a large part of the children who enter elementary school today will be employed in professions that do not yet exist. Technology is rapidly changing the job market and bringing changes that affect the modern world. Added to this, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought acceleration of digital processes to the market, in response to the continuity strategies of many companies.


Given this dynamic, many jobs will emerge in areas that are evolving, such as technological skills. In the World Future Society article, “70 Jobs by 2030: Emerging Jobs and How to Create Them,” author Cynthia G. Wagner identifies three pathways to the jobs that will be created in the future: adding new skills to existing jobs, combining skills and roles from different jobs or industries to create new specialties and problem solving needs.


Regardless of the accelerated changes in the job market, responsibility and ability to work in a team, for example, are values ​​that add to the professional. Knowing yourself, your talents and the types of tasks and work environments in which you perform best will also allow you to better identify suitable challenges in the future.


We live in a moment of digital transformation, in which robots and machines are performing tasks faster and at lower cost. Many professions are losing their demand and new professions are emerging to keep up with technology. Children are by nature curious and skillful, and their interests must be awakened with new tasks, challenges, to discover new skills. For them to be successful in the future, it is necessary that they learn to be independent thinkers and problem solvers. Children will need to become lifelong learners, exploring the world in different areas of knowledge. In this way, we help improve the future and create equal opportunities for all.


TATICCA - ALLINIAL GLOBAL values ​​childhood and believes in the transforming power of children.


Happy Children's Day!