O Continuing Education Program of the CFC (Federal Accounting Council) aims to maintain, update and expand technical and professional knowledge and skills, multidisciplinary skills and the elevation of the social, moral and ethical behavior of accounting professionals, as essential characteristics for the quality of services provided and full compliance with the rules that govern the exercise of the accounting profession.


In some cases, continuing education is mandatory, as in the case of professionals registered with the CRC (Regional Accounting Council), covering all accounting professionals, especially independent auditors, technicians responsible for financial statements and professionals linked to management positions. In this case, continuing education is an essential part of the accounting profession. The professional needs to be updated and aligned with Brazilian requirements in company accounts.


The Continuing Professional Education Program has as basic guidelines:

ü  Foster the EPC of accounting professionals;

ü  Expand partnerships with professional, regulatory and supervisory entities in order to support the PEPC;

ü  Establish uniformity of criteria for the structure of professional qualification activities within the scope of the CFC/CRCs System;

ü  Establish that training can be carried out by the CFC/CRCs System itself, by recognized training entities or by the professional himself in activities provided for in this standard;

ü  Foster the expansion of the universe of accredited trainers to enable meeting the needs of continuing education events.

Mandatory for:

ü  Technical responsible for the financial statements of companies with sales of more than R$ 78 million;

ü  Large companies regulated and/or supervised by CVM, BCB and Susep;

ü  Professionals from Audit firms registered with the CVM;

ü  Accounting organization with large clients;*

ü  Accountants / auditors approved in the Technical Qualification Exams of the Federal Accounting Council;**

* Law No. 11.638/2007: Assets > R$ 240 million or Gross Revenue > R$ 300 million
** EQT, CVM, BCB, Susep and CNPC


To meet the annual points required by the Continuing Professional Education Program (PEPC), only activities promoted by trainers accredited by the class body are valid. 


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