The General Law for the Protection of Personal Data - LGPD applies to individuals or legal entities, public or private, and therefore, everyone needs to process personal data and companies need to make it clear what they use the information collected for and require express consent. customers so that they can be used. So the question remains: have you already made your compliance with GDPR or did you look for professionals who can help in this work?

The first step is really this. Look for specialist professionals who can help you in the compliance with GDPR, a team that includes professionals from the most relevant areas such as IT, Human Resources and Legal. This team will carry out the mapping and documentation of the data, verifying how the collection and storage is going and pointing out the necessary changes so that it is done safely and in compliance with the legislation.

After this first moment, it is necessary to be aware of the need for investment in technology, since in addition to the team responsible for data security, the company must have adequate tools for this function. It is recommended that in compliance with GDPR the company invests in encryption, firewall devices, VPN and other forms of secure storage. It is also necessary in compliance with GDPR a study and review of the data, to determine if there is sensitive data and what is the real need to collect it, because the greater the amount of data collected, the greater the risks.

It is extremely important to review privacy policy documents and contracts and terms of consent. Everyone needs to meet the requirements in the compliance with GDPR. The company also needs to be engaged in the culture of caring for personal data, so investing in capacity building, training and awareness campaigns is essential.

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