Many companies are concerned about the LGPD and how the law can affect their processes, including B2B companies, since the regulations imposed are applied to all national companies, without distinction. Although B2B companies do not have the final consumer as a target audience in their commercial relationship, they sell their products with other companies and process personal data of employees and collaborators, for example. Hence the need for compliance with GDPR.


On the website of these companies, for example, the contact forms for those interested in vacancies or services require the processing of data. At compliance with GDPR, the company needs to provide a consent form, linked to the internal regulations and which clarifies the form of storage, storage time and how the data will be deleted.


But it is not just for the data of collaborators that it is necessary to compliance with GDPR companies, they also need to adapt because there is a requirement to establish and maintain commercial contracts. This is because the company's suppliers or customers who are already in compliance with the law, may require proof from their partners with the suitability process.


The LGPD provides for joint and several liability between companies that share personal data, so the need for B2B to also proceed with the compliance with GDPR. In case of data breach, the consequences are the same for the company that collected and shared it, as for the company that received the data and did not handle it properly. In the case of legal proceedings, both are responsible for the data and in the event that one is adequate and the other is not, the one that has complied with the adequacy may require commercial disruption and seek partners who are already in compliance with the law.


Na compliance with GDPR by B2B companies, specialized consultancies recommend adapting your website, allowing the output of leads from the registration list and only maintain relationships with authorized leads, for example.


The LGPD does not prevent companies from doing business, but requires them to be responsible for user data. It is important to keep in mind that the process of compliance with GDPR is an urgent need and hiring a specialized consultancy that reviews and improves internal processes will add strategy and value to your B2B company.


The LGPD is already in force and impacting the Brazilian market as a whole. If your company has not yet made the compliance with GDPR eContact TATICCA – ALLINIAL GLOBAL, which has a qualified and experienced multidisciplinary team, tools and methodology to consulting on Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and also implementation, in an objective and assertive way, with: guidance and training, diagnosis, analysis of employee contracts, analysis of supplier contracts, analysis of internal policies, analysis of contracts for the provision of services or sale of products, adaptation of contracts serving Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) , data mapping, implementation of the service channel, elaboration of a privacy policy, pre-formatted documentation with all the requirements of the GDPR