Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The constant search for the optimization of processes and, consequently, the reduction of costs, enabled the introduction of new tools to increase the operational efficiency of the companies. RPA - from English, "Robotic Process Automation" or "Robotic Process Automation" - has been gaining prominence when it comes to process optimization within the most diverse types of organization.

But what is RPA anyway? RPA, or robots, are, in short, computer programming made to “imitate” the activities done by a human being, that is, the computer is taught to do a task by itself, previously performed by an individual. However, not all processes can be automated. Processes that can be automated are those that, in essence, are repetitive and do not depend on any human decision. It is estimated that currently 70% of processes can be automated.

It is worth mentioning that in the past, “Robotic Process Automation”, or process automation, was already present, however, it required extensive knowledge in programming languages, since all the program code had to be done in script. Today, with the advent of this type of technology, there are several platforms on the market that make robot programming incredibly simple, visually, using flowcharts. In this way, the presence of an IT professional is no longer necessary to automate processes, significantly reducing costs and implementation time in this type of project.

Below you can see some of the advantages of applying RPA in business environments:

·        Increase in process efficiency;

·        Significant reduction in the number of process errors;

·        Increase in operational quality;

·        Reduction of costs;

·        Efficiency and ROI monitoring capability.

In this way, we can see the importance of RPA in the current scenario focused on the constant search for process improvements. TATICCA has trained and certified professionals on various platforms to automate your company's processes, as well as experts in process modeling to ensure greater use of RPA tools. For more information, access or e-mail Our company has professionals with extensive experience in the market and has certified methodologies for carrying out activities.