The progress of Industry 4.0 is characterized by rapidly changing business and social environment and continuous growth. The importance is not only given to the business, but also to the social impacts of the Industry 4.0 concept. This new way of doing business and increasing digitalization also lead to changes in society, and this impact on society is called Society 5.0. 

The concept of Society 5.0 gained wide coverage for the first time in a famous speech entitled “Declaration of Hannover", delivered at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, Germany, when Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abeoutlined the vision of Society 5.0. In this concept, taking into account the technological change of the industry, we should focus on the general well-being of citizens and pursue a super-intelligent society.


As the economy grows, the demand for energy and food increases, life expectancy becomes longer, and the aging of society also advances. Furthermore, the globalization of the economy advances and international competition becomes increasingly fierce, causing problems such as the concentration of wealth and regional inequality to grow. This involves recognizing that there is a limit to what people can do and that humans can have a better life by benefiting from the latest technological tools.


It is about how to solve social challenges by incorporating the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution, such as: IoT, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the sharing economy, in all sectors and aspects of social life. With this, the society of the future will be focused on adding value and evolving continuously, to make people's lives more comfortable and sustainable.


With Society 5.0, digitization is a means, but professionals remain key players. Traditionally, technology-driven innovation has been responsible for social development, but in the future, the trend is to reverse our way of thinking, focusing on how to build a society that gives us a sense of value. 


And the biggest challenges are yet to come. They will come in the form of genetic modification for health, bioengineering and social AI engineering. We leave the common practice of collecting information over the net for analysis. In Society 5.0, people, items, and systems are all connected in cyberspace, creating optimal results achieved by AI that are directly returned to physical space. This process adds new value to industry and society in ways that were not possible before.

Having systems of technology, nature and society operating in a balanced scope, we can maintain an efficient building, supplying energy to a smart city, ensuring that all services provided by that city are efficient and available. This is achieved thanks to a high degree of convergence between cyberspace and physical space.


In Society 5.0, the new value created through innovation will eliminate regional age, gender and language gaps and enable the provision of products and services perfectly tailored to diverse individual and latent needs. In this way, it will be possible to build a society that both promotes economic development and finds solutions to social problems.


The concept of society 5.0 is the vision of a human nature and sustainable technological society, where people, nature and technology find a balanced circular economy in smart digital transformation, encompassing constant communication between the best of science, driven by technological innovation. and all the agents of society.


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