Strategic Sourcing

Traditionally, the purchasing and acquisition process in organizations was simply based on generating purchase orders, with budgets made superficially, in search of products and services at the lowest possible prices. After several studies carried out, it became evident that acquisitions aimed only at the lowest prices were often more costly for the company.

One of the strategies used today in the market is known as Strategic Sourcing. This new model seeks to make the purchasing sector more strategic, considering other variables that influence the total cost, in addition to the purchase price of inputs and services.

One of the most used tools in Purchasing Management is the so-called Kraljic Matrix. How the practice of Strategic Sourcing aims at a more strategic purchasing management, it is important that the information is organized in a clear and detailed way so that the analyzes and decision-making are carried out. Thus, the Kraljic Matrix allows for this view, classifying the items according to the risks and impacts on the company. The 4 categories that make up the Kraljic Matrix are:

  • Leverageable Items: are items of low volume but high added value.
  • Strategic Items: they are the most important items, they have a high value and also a high impact on the production process.
  • Non-Critical Items: These are the items that represent the largest volume of purchases, and are easily purchased with high availability from suppliers.
  • Bottleneck Items: These are items that are difficult to acquire, as there is a risk of not having them available. They represent low financial impact.

O Strategic Sourcing considers both internal and external costs in the acquisition of inputs, that is, planning allows for a better understanding of suppliers, service levels, availability of materials, storage costs, among other factors that impact the business itself.

The implementation of Strategic Sourcing brings numerous advantages related to the acquisition of materials, influencing the total cost of the complete purchasing process. Among the advantages of Strategic Sourcing, we can cite:

best deals

new suppliers

Partnerships with suppliers

more transparent process

Price standardization

Inventory tracking

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