Technology has been helping companies for years, especially to stay in the market alongside big competitors. The more our society becomes digital, the more technology advances, offering innovative and agile features. As such, business owners who need to attract and retain employees, grow their business and prepare for the future are increasingly paying attention to these technology trends. In 2020, an atypical year we are experiencing due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these trends stand out and promise to advance faster.


Mobile connectivity is one of them. Many companies are centralizing multiple independent systems and using a single, inclusive system. Cloud jobs are changing traditional actions, making financial and decision-making solutions connect your employees and enable a more mobile and collaborative workforce. In addition to eliminating the worry of updating software at different times, this format generates a great benefit for companies that do not have a large team of talents. with technology in the cloud, they can ensure the same experience for employees across home office, enabling you to attract and retain high-quality talent anywhere.


Another technology that continues to grow is the Blockchain. Using the Blockchain, companies exchange goods and services with greater security and lower costs. It can be used to verify identity, execute agreements, automate business processes and record transactions. For example, smart contracts use Blockchain to automate the payment workflow. When a party provides a service, the smart contract automatically triggers the payment, eliminating the need to bill and issue the payment. O Blockchain can have a big impact on supply chains, litigation, raising capital, transferring titles, and even creating a universal identity.


Digital transformation is also a trend companies are targeting in 2020 as entrepreneurs are watching how companies that innovate establish themselves in the marketplace. Digital transformation is a strategy where leaders rethink existing business models and adopt a different way of using people, data and processes, with the aim of creating greater value for customers. Essentially, when technology is used with the aim of saving employees' time, processes are consequently simplified, collaboration is more efficient and data is used for decision making. The entrepreneur puts his business in a position of growth and gains market share.

Finally, as technology becomes increasingly important to our personal and business lives, so does another trend, cybersecurity. You cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated and updating cybersecurity with new tactics will not just be a trend for 2020, but a necessity. In this digital age, companies need to use internet-connected technology to grow and succeed. Therefore, your only option is to minimize as much risk as possible through effective cybersecurity measures.


The three main pillars of the governance of any company are: technology, people and processes. Constant investments in new technologies are as important as in the other two pillars, as the three are always interconnected and interdependent, since it is not profitable to have a cutting-edge system, but unprepared people or inefficient processes. As well as excessively expensive and bureaucratic processes with unprepared people, or, vice versa, prepared people without an adequate system. Therefore, it is essential to be innovating and renewing every day, always seeking to harmonize the three pillars: technology, people and processes.


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