Corporate culture is a set of values ​​that guide behavior and attitudes, whether in decision-making or even in the daily habits of its employees. It's like thinking and acting within an organization. And building this culture is not so simple, it is a process made up of many factors, norms and procedures.

Changes in this culture are also a challenge and leadership plays a key role in this transformative process. Organizational culture comprises practices and processes that directly impact business performance and therefore it is not a change that happens overnight. It takes analysis and strategy.

Evaluating performance indicators such as profitability, productivity, profitability, among others, is a good start to identify the company's cultural factors that are preventing its good performance and growth. Next, it is important to define a set of values ​​and desired behaviors, in addition to the strategic priorities and objectives to be achieved with the culture change.

In this phase of culture transformation, promoting efficient and clear communication is essential for the success of the undertaking. In addition to institutional videos and exhibition material, promoting meetings with lectures and training help to share the company's purposes in a transparent way.

Hiring new talent can help reinforce this cultural change, and in addition, keeping current employees motivated and engaged, cooperating to internalize new habits and behaviors are also factors that will drive change.

During the transformation process, monitoring and evaluating the results of the implementation of the new organizational culture helps to identify what is effectively working and what is not.

It is important to highlight that currently, it is inevitable that a cultural transformation will arrive accompanied by technology, as the digital bias supports this type of change, even because they ask for a faster pace to keep up with the market.


A culture transformation requires taking risks and a lot of leadership posture, but when it is necessary for the success of a business, it cannot be neglected as it will help build a more positive organizational climate and, consequently, with greater productivity and quality in the processes.


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