Companies have the possibility of prioritizing the main activity, from the outsourcing of support activities, such as accounting, taxes, payroll and finance.

In this process, management reports are prepared in accordance with the language and foreign currency, interpretations of the complexities of Brazilian laws related to accounting, taxes and payroll so that management has a better understanding of the commercial results of its investment and the reports presented.

They are part of the outsourcing routines of the activities of the accounting work on bookkeeping processes, calculation of inventory costs and related internal controls, financial statements (BRGAAP, IFRS, IPSAS, USGAAP), fixed asset controls, service to national management and headquarters of Brazilian subsidiaries, calculation of taxes and preparation of guides for paying taxes, advising on the processes of importing products and keeping fiscal books.

The corporate area also works in parallel with the accounting, so that they comprise services for opening, changing and closing the company, through articles of association, in accordance with the legislation and forwarding to public offices, in addition to the survey, regularization and issuance of certificates in various areas, including paralegal and legal representation.

accounting outsourced company also performs the classification of all company documents, issuing statements, trial balances and balance sheets and can act in the consulting in Human Resources and Payroll, making monthly payroll calculations, advising on admissions and dismissals, calculating charges, contributions and payroll taxes, monitoring collective bargaining agreements and obligations arising, assistance with outsourcing contracts , temporary and self-employed, calculation of bonuses, commissions and other indirect salaries, assistance in benefit management.

Finally, it is also offered accounting outsourced support in the fiscal and financial areas, carrying out bookkeeping of incoming and outgoing invoices with tax calculation, controlling and operationalizing cash flow, payments and receipts, as well as reconciling financial statements.

There are many benefits of outsourcing accounting activities, which is a usual practice provided by companies that offer integrated services and that also have synergies with areas of audit and consulting (taxes, human resources, corporate finance and others), providing specialized professionals to take care of the client's operations, in order to facilitate management with total dedication to its business.

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